Important new report on privatised social care by the Centre for Health and the Public Interest


Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached a compelling report from CHPI which demonstrates the loss of public funding for social care arising from privatisation and the relatively poor pay and conditions in the private sector. It argues for a ‘preferred provider’ policy, favouring in-house  or voluntary sector provision as a lead in to the planned return of care to the public sector. It does also recognise that returning services in-house will not deal surrounding policy and organisational issues such as the care cap and the need for more personalised care, but sees privatisation as a key problem to be tackled within social care. Click here for the report.

It is an important contribution to the future of social care and supports UNISON’s argument for the best possible use of public money, spent on the type and quality of care that people need.

Best wishes,

Heather Wakefield


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