National Funding Formula Spells Further Cuts for Schools


National Funding Formula spells further cuts for schools


Following the publication of the Government’s final proposals for its long-awaited National Funding Formula (NFF), organisations representing school staff, teachers and leaders – ATL, GMB, NAHT, NUT, UNISON and Unite – have updated the website to reflect the funding losses facing each school in England.

The picture is extremely bleak.  The Government has accused funding campaigners of scaremongering, but the updated figures are worse than previously predicted.  The website, which now uses funding data published by the Department for Education, suggests that 98% of schools face a real terms reduction in funding for every pupil, with an average loss for each primary pupil of £339, and £477 for every secondary pupil.

According to the National Audit Office schools will face a real terms drop of £3 billion. This threatens the successful implementation of a new NFF which has long been the goal of many organisations in education.

While a new NFF can address disparities in funding between schools facing similar challenges, the total budget must be sufficient before there is any chance of being fair to all children.

The reassurances which Schools Minister Nick Gibb sought to give Conservative MPs, that schools would not lose money, are proven to be false.  The scale of the funding crisis facing schools is so great that MPs are becoming increasingly aware that schools in their constituencies will suffer unmanageable cuts.

For more information on the affect’s for England’s 533 Parliamentary Constituencies – every one of which stands to lose out from the Government’s new funding proposals, with per pupil funding losses reaching over £1,000 in the worst hit cases, click here.

Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, said: “Cash-strapped schools are struggling to give children a decent education. The funding crisis means overcrowded classrooms, support staff not being replaced and parents having to pay towards the cost of lessons. Children, parents and staff deserve so much better.”


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