Sending a message to Theresa May: Put our Pay Up Now!

UNISON’s Pay Up Now campaign has been gathering strength and support throughout September and October. By the middle of the Tory Party conference, a UNISON sponsored parliamentary petition had received over 100,000 signatures – enough to force a debate in parliament. At the same time, your branch – alongside others across Hampshire - committed to joining the campaign, passing motions and formally committing to action:

‘UNISON Southampton District Branch notes that:

  • The majority of Tressell Trust food bank referrals between April 2016 and March 2017 were due to low income. 
  • Public sector pay increased 4.4% between 2010 – 2016 whilst childcare, housing, energy and transport increased 20.7%, 24%, 26% and 29.5% respectively. This has meant a huge decline in real earnings.
  • Public sector pay increased 4.4% between 2010 – 2016. In the same period chief executive pay increased 32% and shareholder dividends 57%, demonstrating that restraint has not been felt across the whole economy.
  • Local terms and conditions have also been cut across all sectors, impacting on their overall earnings.


This branch therefore supports the pay claims of UNISON members across all sectors and calls for the immediate end of public service pay restraint. This branch also notes the drastic ongoing cuts to funding and calls on the government to provide additional funding to fund a decent pay rise and ensure high standards of public services.


This branch also notes attempts by the government to prevent colleagues from across all sectors achieving fair and just resolution to work place grievances including, but not limited to, those linked to pay. The branch applauds our union in defeating Employment Tribunal Fees and continues to voice its opposition to the Trade Union Act designed to prevent public service workers from being able to defend themselves against hostile employers. These include the employers currently driving down the real value of our wages.


This branch therefore resolves to:

  • Publically support UNISON’s Pay Up Now campaign.
  • Demonstrate support for a fair pay rise across all sectors where UNISON has organised. This support includes but is not limited to supporting Pay Up Now campaign actions.
  • Highlight with members and non-members the role that UNISON played in defeating the government on Employment Tribunal Fees and make clear the limitations imposed by the Trade Union Act and other regressive legislation.’


It’s not surprising that there’s been so much support for the campaign when the cap has been so damaging. Branch convenor Cathy Roblin explains:


Austerity has impacted for far too long on our living standards, pushing more and more of our members into being forced to rely on food banks and facing increased debts.  Public sector workers provide services for the most vulnerable members of our society so why should we still suffer from further pay cuts?


Find out how you can take part in UNISON’s campaign to help put your Pay Up Now!


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