Social Work Regulator to be Appointed


21st November 2016

For branches in England

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for information


The Westminster Government is proposing to set up a new regulator for social workers in England.

UNISON has been invited to sit on the advisory board of the new regulator.

Please ask your social worker members for their views on how the new regulator should operate.



Dear colleagues,

The Government is currently in the process of making significant reforms to social work in England.  One of the proposals contained in their Children and Social Work Bill is to establish a new social work regulator in place of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  It is envisioned that the new regulator will be similar to the social work regulators that operate in Wales and Scotland.  The regulator will cover adults, mental health and children’s social workers. 

UNISON has been asked to sit on the expert advisory board which has been set up to try and influence how the new regulator will operate.  Therefore, we are requesting the views of social work members on how this new body should perform.  Please share this circular with your social work members and ask them for their views.

How should the new social work regulator differ from how the HCPC operates?  How can it be improved upon?  Are there things that the HCPC does well that the new regulator should carry on doing?

Any views from social work members on this subject would be very gratefully received.  The first meeting of the advisory board is the 6th of December.  Please send any thoughts or views before then to

Best wishes,



Heather Wakefield

National Secretary

Local Government Service Group

more information on the new proposals can be found at


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