Support the Junior Doctors


The government has refused the offer to introduce the new contract to junior doctors in a few areas. That would have allowed to tell whether the government claims are valid or not. I cannot understand why Hunt did not accept what would have solved this protracted dispute - please send your ideas. As a result, the strike will go ahead this Tuesday and Wednesday. Consultants will be working in A&E and sorting urgent maternity cases. If you can, please go to the picket line either day outside the main entrance to the general Hospital, Tremona Road, any time between 8:00 and 10:30am.

On Tuesday there will be a rally at 11:30am in the Guildhall Square and another one from 5pm outside the Civic Centre.

There will also be a debate on "Is there a future for the NHS?" Tuesday, 7-9pm, in the Murray building, University of Southampton.

If you know other people willing to support the junior doctors, please pass on these details.


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